Pistachio And Chocolate Pancake585 TL
Pistachio And Honey Pancake585 TL
Menemen With Roasting Meet565 TL
Menemen With Turkish Spicy Sausage325 TL
Menemen235 TL
Menemen With Turkish Spicy Sausage And Cheese375 TL
Fried Potatoes175 TL
Beef Omlette545 TL
Cheese With Chicken Omlette395 TL
Scrambled Eggs Omlette165 TL
Cheese Omlette245 TL
Spinach Omlette325 TL
Mushroom Omlette325 TL
Toast With Cheese155 TL
Cheese With Turkish Spicy Sausage Toast190 TL
Cheese With Spicy Sausage And Tomato Toast"195 TL
Cheese With Chicken Toast235 TL
Cheese With Egg Toast175 TL
Pancake With Cheese295 TL
Cheese With Potato Pancake310 TL
Cheese With Turkish Spicy Sausage Pancake425 TL
Nutella Pancake345 TL
Cheese With Leek Pancake385 TL
Cheese With Chicken Pancake435 TL
Cheese With Beef Pancake635 TL
Cheese With Chickpeas Pancake335 TL
Cheese With Lentil Pancake335 TL
Cheese With Zucchini Pancake335 TL
Turkish Spicy Sausage Omlette225 TL
Turkish Spicy Sausage With Cheese Omlette285 TL
Cheese With Mushroom Pancake445 TL
Yogurt With Honey195 TL
Yogurt With Oat And Honey225 TL
Honey And Kaymak345 TL
King's Snack Plate-1275 TL
Honey And Kaymak Pancake425 TL
King's Special Toast285 TL
Nutella With Almond Pancake445 TL
Nutella With Hazelnut Pancake445 TL
Nutella With Walnut Pancake445 TL
Nutella Pancake With Cashew445 TL
Cheese With Spinach Pancake445 TL
Chicken Omlette345 TL
Honey Pancake345 TL
Egg With Broccoli345 TL
Menemen And Cheese265 TL
Vegan Mushroom Toast265 TL
Vegan Spinach Toast265 TL
Vegan Leek Toast265 TL
Vegan Spinach Pancake445 TL
Vegan Mushroom Pancake445 TL
Vegan Leek Pancake385 TL
Vegan Potato Pancake310 TL
Vegan Pistachio And Honey Pancake585 TL
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